Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World of Tanks

OK.  World of Tanks is pretty fun.  It's only pvp play; just like the Battlefield series of games, there are several maps to choose from, several styles of tank to choose from, and you can form 'guilds'.  I think they call them 'tank brigades' in this game.  So it's fast paced, WW2 style tank action.    As you play, you earn cash, that you spend on upgrades and research for your tanks.  You can make them faster, more heavily armored, bigger/faster guns.  You can train/recruit your computer controlled tank crew.  You can purchase consumables, different types of ammo, and repair your tank (when you get blowed up - and you will).  You can buy bigger/different types of tank.  And the whole time, you get to learn about the benefits of cover, and trying to get the best angle on your target. 

 And I'm enjoying it.  After spending years playing slower paced MMOs, the quick action is a nice change.

I'm still pretty certain that I'm going to be phasing over to RPGs, like Mass Effect (and ME2), and phasing out MMOs.  I guess things just change over time.

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