Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vader's Got Cookies

I was cleaning up in the kitchen a moment ago, and was remembering some rather entertaining webcomics I've read.  And one particular strip from PvP Online came to mind where the main characters are all sitting around a table getting ready to play Star Wars the tabletop game.  And Francis, the youngest character, was GMing.  He had borrowed his boss' Darth Vader helmet for the purposes of being GM (which I love the thought of) and as the storyline panned out, the helmet got to him; he started to wield the power of a GM as a Jedi turned to the Dark Side would wield his own Jedi powers.

And I suddenly recalled that one of my friends, Fred, has asked me if I were interested in playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Well, of course I'm interested in playing SW:TOR.  Hello!?! He mentioned that he and his son have been thinking about asking several of the people they know who play MMOs regualrly if we all want to form a rather sizable guild.  Sounds good so far.  So I asked him, "'Fred', what faction are you planning on playing?"  To which he replied...Republic...


Now don't get me wrong, I've been following SWTOR for a while now, and it looks shiny.  Really, really shiny.

Captain Mal is ALWAYS shiny.

And I like the look of both factions (and as they are MIRROR IMAGES of each other, how could you not?) but if I'm honest with myself; really, really honest...I just wanna be a Sith Lord.  I've been told before, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Who wouldn't want to be Darth Freaking Vader?!?!  I mean, come on!!! 

This Sith Lord

Not this pansy.

So after some very careful consideration, I started to exercise my own Dark Side powers on Fred's son.  You're damn right I'm working on convincing that kid to join the Dark Side.  Sadly, I didn't have to do much in the way of convincing him, he was most of the way there to begin with. 

It's yet another game I've signed up for the beta and am waiting; but since the official launch date was announced for December 22, I think trying to get into the beta at this point would be kinda pointless.  So there you are.

I saw it best on a t-shirt:

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