Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is Jeopardy!

Quick post.

First, my girlfriend's friend knit me a small, Cthulhu dice bag that I plan on putting my Cthulhu Dice in.  Cthulhu Dice is an awesome little dice game with only one die, wherein all the players are playing cultists who are trying to screw each other over in the vain hopes that they will be the only player with any sanity (signified with small colored glass counters) left in the game.  Its pretty fast moving, insanely fun (see what I did there?) and yes it is possible for Cthulhu to win the game and for all the players to go insane and lose.

Second, we bought Jeopardy! for the Wii last weekend and we finally busted it out today.  Its pretty damn fun.  We played two games, and we each won one.  It only supports three players, just like real Jeopardy, and it allows you to customize your appearance with items you unlock by winning the minigames which take place between the three rounds of play.  It has four levels of difficulty of play: easy, medium, hard, and custom; and you're able to play with a computer player if you only have one or two players.

Its really fun.  I mean really, really fun.  If you like trivia, and enjoy watching/playing along with Jeopardy! when it comes on TV, get this game.  And enjoy it when you get totally owned by your girlfriend.  Seriously, she stomped my ass in that first game.

Bonzo out!

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