Saturday, November 19, 2011

World of Tanks - Supplimental

There seems to be a growing trend in the WoT gaming community these last few days (and by 'last few days', I mean week-and-a-half) for players to NOT scout for their team.  I realize that scouting puts you at risk of being shot, but that's all part of the game.

Oftentimes in game I hear players bemoan the existence of SPGs (Self Propelled Guns) aka Artillery in the game.  "Arty is too powerful.  Arty throws off the balance of the game.  Arty sucks.  Wah wah wah."  However, as soon as something really bad happens (the shit hits the fan) players start pinging the minimap like crazy in order to point out to the SPG drivers where the poor bastard who just got killed found the enemy.  And they being to wail and cry and shout out, "Arty!  Where the fuck are you?!  Why didn't you hit that tank before he killed me?!  I know there is only one of you on my team, but you're supposed to watch the whole map and hit any target whether you can see it or not!  You suck!  This is why arty shouldn't be in the game!!!!!!11!!!!!!"

Understand something please; SPGs were in existence during WW2...which is the time period WoT is based upon...and most all of the tanks featured in the game have some historical basis whether the tanks in question were actually developed or only remained drawn up as schematics. So if the developers have spent so much time and effort to code something in to the game in order to provide three distinct methods of play in the game, I advise you to shut the fuck up and enjoy the game.  If you can't handle it, I suggest you go play Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3.

Back to my opening statement.  SPG drivers cannot hit what they cannot see.  If you refuse to spot for arty, you are not utilizing a very strong tool your team possesses.  Getting shot up and killed is part of the game.  It happens; it's not like what happens to you in the game carries over into the real world.

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