Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The End of My Rope

I've been trying to contact one of my players for a few months to discuss a bit of a problem.  Namely him.  This player is something of a problem player.  He's argumentative, he gets upset with his dice, he gets pissy when he can't attack/kill something a GM throws at him.  He misses games and doesn't call the GM/players ahead of time to let them know he won't be there.  He's just generally unpleasant to play with.  He's missed the last several sessions of my game, and I've been trying to get in contact with him since before this past Christmas to talk about his disruptive and grating behavior.  I've tried email, I've tried calling and leaving voice mails, I've tried texting him, and all I've got out of him for close to three months is silence.  Then he just shows up at another game that he and I are both in (but I am not the GM) and he acts like everything is normal.  So do I assume he never got the texts/calls/emails?  I have no idea.  But this morning I decided to try, yet again, to email him about the problem.  But I admit to just feeling pissed off that I haven't heard a thing back from his at this point, and I kinda let things fly.

As a GM I have to coordinate with several people about a number of things, but communication and commitment to the game are at the forefront.  I need to hear from my players.  I need to know who is showing up and who isn't.  If too many people can't make it, then I need to have a back up plan - like a board game, or a one-shot rpg ready to roll.  I don't like sitting around a table waiting to hear from someone, hoping their phone is on, or that they will respond to a text message for over an hour before getting started.  That shows a complete lack of respect for the GM and the other players in my opinion.  And if you can't make multiple sessions I need to know if its a scheduling problem that can be worked out, or if it's possibly some other issue that can be worked on.  I have to have this communication with my players.  And all of my other players do this, seemingly without thought.  I don't know why its like pulling teeth with this person.

So in my email today I reiterated to this person (since I'm on my Nth attempt to establish contact) that I'm not a happy GM, and that I think its best at this time if he just not return to the game.  That was before 8am today.  Still no response from him.  So I have no idea what is going on.  I'll try calling him later and see if I can get through.


  1. I just have to say that, as a DM, dealing with personality problems (and especially interpersonal conflict) is the worst part of the job. Almost makes it feel like working, instead of playing.

  2. what Arcbat said.
    It takes the fun out of gaming and creates an environment of stress that swells over into your real life and effects not only you, but your players too.

  3. Sucks dude. Glad it's not me. This time o.O