Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So its been, what, over a week since I last posted?  I've been fairly busy at work and home, and unfortunately not a whole lot to show for my time away from the blog.

Although I did go to All-Con the weekend before last to poke around as my girlfriend was teaching a class there.  I had a pretty good time at All-Con.  It was very, very Anime heavy and I have no doubt that this was due to the fact that A-Kon is here in Dallas.  I will say that I've seen some of the best costumes ever witnessed at a Con, here at All-Con.  And they ran a pretty broad spectrum too.  More on All-Con later.  Unfortunately, All-Con is still pretty small so you take what you can get I suppose. /shrug

Now, this past weekend was World Wide Game Day brought to you by the folks at Wizards of the Coast.  They unveiled the new Players Handbook 3 and all of the participating locations ran a short adventure designed to highlight the new races/classes and their abilities.  I decided to play a psion (the first time I've ever played a pionic character I might add) and it was really fun!  One of my friends (and fellow GM) also played along with me and he will probably go down in history as the only person to successfully intimidate a bloody, pissed off White Dragon into submission.  Freaking priceless.

Anticipating a longer post after our 4E game on Thursday.

Until then, Bonzo out.

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