Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its Always the Little Things

I shouldn't let small things bother me.  I really shouldn't.  Its a player in another game that I play in (not my former Problem Player) who loses track of what is going on and what information has been presented/revealed to the party and/or individuals.  "Fred" just takes whatever "Fred" happens to hear (when "Fred's" paying attention) and assimilates it as it being collective knowledge.  For instance a few sessions ago, we're tromping through the woods and our Rogue quietly slips ahead to scout something out.  The GM gives our Rogue some info about what is there, and immediately after that "Fred" starts making plans based off info the Rogue's player received, but it's info that "Fred's" character would know nothing about because "Fred's" character was nowhere near the Rogue when the information was discovered/revealed.

This past week we had another session, and I kind of stepped all over my GM's toes.  We had a situation where were were encountering some old crone and two fat Augustus Gloop looking kids - but each of us sees the crone and kids as members of our own race.  So eventually everyone except for "Fred" pierces the illusion.  "Fred" still sees them as "Fred's" own race.  Some conversation ensues wherein "Fred's" character (if "Fred" had been paying attention) would have been tipped off that something was not right, and might have been able to use that to say, "Hey wait a minute.  If this woman were really of my own race, she wouldn't have asked 'What kind of scaly beast are you?'".  But "Fred" was too busy not paying attention to detail, and I jumped in and made a bit of a stink.

Shame on me.  Unfortunately "Fred" has been doing this for as long as I've been in the game, so I should be used to it and just resign myself to the fact that "Fred" will continue to do this no matter what.


On a side note; in my game last night, my players are coming closer to the grand finale of the d20 Modern/Call of Cthulhu campaign I'm running them through.  Another session or two and we'll see if they can prevent the reawakening of Great Cthulhu.   [Ea! Ei!  Cthulhu fataghn!  Cthulhu fataghn!]

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