Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DC Universe Online

Alright.  It looks amazing.  Really really amazing.  There are some gameplay videos I've been watching on the Youtubes of some cat running a character up to level 30.  The graphics are simply stunning.  I have yet to see any MMO come out with graphics that top what DCUO has.  The sound quality is very good; so good in fact that on particular 'Cases' (read: Quests) you have to find an invisible villain, and he's best located by listening to his taunting.  The closer you get the louder his voice is, and you can tell whether he's in front, behind, or to either side of you.  Really nice directional audio.  I'm probably going to get this game in another week or two to try it out.  The only bad thing I've encountered so far (from the videos) is that the game has some very poor voice acting on the part of the NPCs and some of the more main characters.  From what I've read, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil are reprising their roles as Batman and The Joker from the Animated Series.  James Marsters is supposed to be voicing Lex Luthor; Adam Baldwin ala Firefly is the voice of Superman; Gina Torres (also from Firefly) is the voice of Wonder Woman; and Circe will be voiced by Michelle Forbes whom you may know from such shows as Battlestar Galactica, and True Blood, as well as voice acting in Half Life 2.

And now for some table top updates...kinda of.

I'm looking at picking up a few new titles.  Like The Dresden Files RPG, and hopefully Star Wars, the Saga Edition (which is supposedly the 'first glimpse' of 4E from Wizards of the Coast.  Both of these settings get my creative juices flowing, and I have come to the sad, sad conclusion that in order for me to be able to afford to indulge in my hobby as much as I would like, I need to become a professional GM and hire out my GMing services...either that or I need to brush up on my writing skills and write adventures/modules and sell them.

Alas for not enough time to game.

-Bonzo out.

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  1. Great. Let me know how the DCU Online goes.

    And you're killing me. Since we haven't gamed, I'm going nuts with GM ADD. Dresden is a must, as is Dark Sun, Gamma World, Star Wars, a couple of 4e one-shots(Wraith Recon and Amethyst) and FATE. Gotta play some FATE based games.

    And maybe you can run Cthulhutech? Or a 4e mini-campaign?