Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Thoughts for February

So recently Champions Online went "Free to Play".  Typically this is the "kiss of death" for most MMOs; so I didn't hold out much hope for what I would see if I re-installed and started playing again for comparison with DCUO.

So I did.  With the "free to play" you have only two character slots, limited character build options, limited content, and limited support.  Fairly standard when a game goes from subscription to free.  And to be honest, I feel that while Champions Online character is really really nice, and the DCUO character builder should have a lot more options in regard to character creation, Champions Online still falls short as far as fun and playability.  Being a "superhero" game should be about action.  Sadly, Champions Online felt sluggish and boring compared to DCUO.  In the starter area with Champions, I was able to defeat enemies in two to three attacks; in the DCUO starting area, it was very much possible for me to get "knocked out" aka "killed" by my targets.  Which oddly is a nice feeling; saying to the player "yes, you're a superhero, but you're fighting super villains and they only get tougher from here".

In short, Champions Online still looks like you're playing a game that is created straight from the pages of a comic book; the character creation is still top notch, and the story line is very open ended.  However I feel that the product that DC/Warner/Sony put out is superior in regard to gameplay, and replayability (especially since you can play as a hero or villain on either a PvE or PvP server) and overall fun factor.  I still have some issues with both games, but if I can only choose one superhero styled MMO, it'll be DC Universe Online.

But Champions Online is still better than City of Heroes/Villains/Going Rogue.

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